I'm not an OpenAI shill, but if you haven't tried ChatGPT at this point, please do. When it first came out, I was mortified. I was not ready for AI to advance this quickly. I'm still not, to be honest. But after spending a couple weeks watching a writer friend of mine use it, I decided to bite the bullet.

Now I use it more than Google for debugging. I have been working with some pretty poorly documented Electron libraries (more on that in a future post), but it is so easy to ask ChatGPT to explain how a particular method actually works under the hood. Or what approach I could take to connect two different APIs.

I know that I am still the one in command, but seeing how quickly AI has ramped up in the last year alone has gotten me thinking about what it really means to be human. Maybe humans will always be better than AI at certain things, and those things are where we focus our creative energies. Or maybe AI will replace humans in pretty much everything, and every new skill we learn is one in which we will surely be outmatched by an AI eventually.

But I am pretty sure that the truth is going to be a lot closer to symbiosis. I was scared of ChatGPT, but once I started to embrace it, I was able to give it the busywork of figuring out incomplete documentation, while I focused on actually building out what I wanted. As it advances, so will I. Humans are very, very good at adapting to things. I feel optimistic that we will adapt to AI too.